FAQ’s & Rules


Please note that as league operators TimberJacks Leagues reserves the right to amend / add rules during season operation.

Do I play my match opponent face to face?

No, it is unlikely that you will play face to face. Players book their match play sessions at times most suited to them – and as a result, match players will compete independently.

How many leagues are there?

We are currently (at the time of writing) recruiting for league 1 which will take on players from across all of our venues. Leagues will increase with player demand.

How many players are in a league?

There are 20 players in each of our leagues.

How old do you have to be?

16 years upwards.

Are there separate leagues for men and women?

At this stage we are running mixed gender leagues.

When are matches played?

Matches are played anytime during venue opening hours Sunday-Thursday.

Do you supply the axes?

Yes, we can provide stock axes.

How much does it cost?

There is a £20 fee to register as a player and that’s it – no charge for any of your matches.

How long does a match take?

Typically a match can take up to 30 minutes.

How good do I need to be?

We recommend that you have had a few non-competitive throwing sessions and are reasonably able to land the axe in the target boards. However, as with everything – practice is key.

When does the league start?

For the 2020 season we are hoping to commence on Sunday 9th February.

How many games do I play on match night?

You will play 2 games on match night. Each game will consist of 10 throws.

Do I get to practice before my match?

Yes, your FREE matchplay session allows for 5 throws before your first of 2 rounds. You are then allowed 1 practice throw before your second round.

Can I book a practice session before my match?

Yes, if you want to book a practice session before your match play you can do this via your player profile. Practice sessions are available in 45, 60 and 75 minute durations – and are priced the same as our non-league playtime sessions.

Can I play my match during my practice session?

Yes, if you feel you have warmed up and are ready to start you can call on the TimberJacks referee to commence your match play.

Can I use my membership to get discount on practice sessions?

Yes, you can use your lifetime membership to discount your practice session costs by 25%.

Can I bring my own axe?

Yes, you can bring your own axe provided it is either one of our Black Forest German pattern head axes or one of our American pattern head TimberJacks branded axes.

Can I bring friends to watch?

Yes, we are happy for you to bring friends along.

Where can I view my match fixtures?

Your match fixtures are available to see by clicking on your player profile on the league website. Your player profile can be found on our player lists or via your league table.

Where can I view my match results?

Your match results can be found under your player profile.

Are there prizes for winning a league?

Yes, the winner of a league will receive £500. 2nd place will receive £250 and 3rd place £100.

How many matches are there during a season?

There are 38 matches to be played through the season.

What happens when I have finished my match?

That’s it – you’ll be free to go.

Can I participate if I am disabled?

Yes of course – For wheelchair users, help will be on hand for axe retrieval should you require.

How do I sign-up?

It is easy to sign up and you can do it right here: SIGN UP

Pre-Game Rules

  • Players may have up to 5 practice throws prior to the first match game.
  • Players may have 1 practice throw prior to game 2 within a match.
  • The TimberJacks referee will call players when their match is due to commence.

Matchplay Rules

  • Each league week allows every participant 1 match.
  • Each player will play 19 other players twice throughout the season totalling 38 matches.
  • There are 10 throws per game and 2 games per match.
  • The winner of each game within a match will be the player with the most points after 10 throws.
  • Games are scored by the TimberJacks referee and recorded on cards.
  • Points are awarded upon match completion – 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and 0 points for a loss.
  • Score cards are signed by the player(s) and the referee upon match completion.
  • Score cards are submitted to the league administrators upon completion for entry onto the leagues official website.
  • The TimberJacks referee may stop play for any reason deemed necessary (rules review, confirmation, second opinion, etc…)
  • For players in wheelchairs at least one wheel must be on or behind the throw line.

Scoring Rules

  • For a score to be awarded the axe head needs to have cut the area of the target in question. For example, to be awarded a bullseye the axe head must have cut the outer edge of the mark upon entry.
  • The black line awards points associated with the ring.
  • 5 points for the bullseye
  • 10 points for either of the blue dots
  • If the axe falls from the board before the player collects the score is recorded as a drop and is awarded zero points.
  • If a player touches any part of their axe before the TimberJacks referee announces the score, the players points are marked as zero.
  • If a score is too close to make an accurate decision by eye, the TimberJacks referee will benefit the thrower with the higher points.

Throwing Rules

  • Players may throw single handed with the blade facing the target.
  • Players may throw two handed with the blade facing the target.
  • No other style of throw is permitted.
  • For a throw to count it must be thrown only upon confirmation from the TimberJacks referee to proceed with the throw.

Attendance Rules

  • Matches must be played by the deadline of 20.00 hrs on the Thursday following the match week commencing date.
  • Matches must be booked via our booking platform
  • Matches can be booked Sunday – Thursday from venue open through to 9pm.
  • If a match is not played before the deadline players will receive a loss result with zero points scored.
  • All players are allowed to miss up to 3 match weeks provided notification is received 24 hours before the weeks deadline. Players must catch up and play any missed matches within 2 weeks following the absence.
  • If a missed match is not played within the 2 weeks following the original matches scheduled time then it will be recorded as a loss and zero points.
  • Matches missed without either 24 hours minimum notification or which exceed the 3 match miss allowance will automatically be scored as a loss with zero points.
  • In anticipation of a match being missed players can choose to play in advance of the scheduled date up to 2 weeks prior. This will however count as one of the players 3 allowed missed matches.

Misconduct Rules

  • The TimberJacks referee reserves the right to deduct points deemed necessary from a player if causing a distraction. Distractions are defined as (but not limited to) excessive celebration, taunting, using abusive, threatening or insulting language, stepping in the lane during an opponents throw, excessive noises, offensive gestures to opponents or any other purposeful distractions created with the intention of player distraction during a league match.
  • The TimberJacks referee reserves the right to award a match win to an opposing player if any of the players conduct is not fitting with the spirit of the leagues operation.
  • If a player is suspected of being intoxicated with alcohol or drugs for their match then play will be halted and the match win awarded to the opposing player. The opposing player will however be able to play their games to conclusion for purposes of point score recording.
  • If any player is found to have fixed a match to achieve a desired outcome during league play, then that player will be banned from all TimberJacks leagues and all previous scores for that season forfeited to losses with zero points.